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Terre, I am so glad that I was able to have a QHHT session with you this summer. Not only has it healed me greatly in mind, body, and spirit, but it has opened many doors to my spiritual journey. My physical ailments and complications have lessened and continue to get better and better. Afterwards I've been feeling such a strong connection to my self and my higher selves and my spirituality and the earth and energy. I also thank you for being so nice and having a nice comfortable environment to perform the hypnosis at! I really did not know what to expect on my way to the session. I tried keeping an open mind, since everyone's experience is always different. during the session, at first I thought I wasn't fully in trance, but sure enough very soon I heard myself speaking, yet I was doing more listening than speaking..! It's like someone very wise and caring beings speak to you, through your voice. its crazy yet felt right- like its definitely yourself- but your higher self. The visions were so vivid, and with Terre guiding me through it, my vision would widen like a camera lens zooming out, and I would see huge pictures and environments and things of my past lives. So much was learned and seen. Once the healing part came after past life questions and knowledge, I physically felt as if I was being renewed. I had visions of beams of light energy healing me on the spot. I had asked for my higher selves to heal my pineal gland from any damage, and I felt and heard a large loud hum, as if it was shaking off any damage it had received. I learned so much about my past lives, all which were very important messages for me in this life, and good guidance for what I should do in order to continue healing and live the way I desire- spiritually, with energy, and at peace, and healthy I listened to my higher self's advice and life has just been bright and sunny since! Thank you Terre for helping me reach where I am today, and for the healing experience! -Kristina

I had been introduced to Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy when Francesca had conducted a session with me at the Avatar Energy Mastery Institute 2014 Spring Retreat in San Antonio Texas. This was my first time ever to undergo an hypnosis therapy, and so I was a bit hesitant to explore that method. My personal interest in regaining past life memories wasn't high, but establishing that connection with my higher-self was something I had been exploring already on my own from my Energy Mastery Institute.

Francesca was thorough. She gave me simple and effective guidance prior to our session, which got me started with exploring what questions I may have that I could be asked when I am in deep trance. When the session came, we sat and talked about my life condition, my past, my present and my hopes for the future. This allowed her to chart my psyche, discover patterns in my life and formulate an effective path for me to discover what I had issues and questions about.

The session itself, as I lay on my back, felt exceptionally comfortable and my mind's chatter was guided soothingly to a focused trance. My awareness of my soul had increased, as I felt this subtle but noticeable presence roll my answers outwards. My ego self had not been involved, as I gave answers that came from a depth unrecognized, which gave me confidence that this force was wiser and more compassionate than I thought. I felt grace and a sense of unconditional love, as landscapes of past lives bubbled up and out of my sight.

Overall, I feel blessed to have had a successful and healing experience with QHHT under Francesca's guidance. Deep appreciation!

~Joel Jacobson

My session with you was very moving to say the least. It was insightful and liberating. The process assisted in providing many answers. This was helpful to me in understanding all the "why's". Much kindness, compassion and love truly led the way in the development of this knowledge. Our journey definitely opened up a new perspective of my unfoldment into spiritual knowledge. I would recommend this to anyone seeking truth in one's self.

I thank you Francesca and send you much love.

~C. Swart

Dear Terre,

I didn't know what to expect and was both excited and nervous as our recent QHHT session began. Thank you for having been very adept at putting me at ease by talking through my questions first and then as we settled into the cozy and utterly peaceful environment you've created for the healing to occur. Your voice was so softly reassuring when you used guided imagery to "take me back"; and for me to envision lying on a comfortable cloud was easy, because in truth I really was!

Although in some recess of my mind I was aware of your voice, strangely enough at another level I wasn't. To hear with confidence that healing has, and still will, occur is PRICELESS! Thank you again so very much for fascilitating this. You truly are in the right healing profession, and it's important to me to express my appreciation.

~Carolyn A.

Thank you so much for our session. It was so healing. I feel like a different person in so many ways. My confidence and knowing are through the roof! I am so in the flow, and I know a big part of it was letting go of the weight of the baggage still in my field and my subconscious. I've spoken about a lot of the incidents we covered with my current family, but it's like we got down to the bedrock. I didn't discuss any of these same incidents in any of the previous regressions I've had with other practitioners either, as we only focused on past life situations or experiences. The timing of it all was perfect. I got back home and hit the ground running (now, I'm flying!!). I got my first customer AND I got my first catering customer, too! I just keep saying YES to the Universe and it's getting bigger and bigger and bigger. The cool thing is I totally KNOW that I can handle it all! I feel so guided and supported and all the 'stuff' is out of the way, to make room for more joy, love, and FUN!

Please share all of this with Michael Monk of Avatar Energy Mastery Institute, as I also owe my new-found clarity of mind, body, and soul to him and his Avatar Awakening Course and his Ascension Diet. It paved the way for the massive healing and transformation that culminated in our QHHT session together.

Blessings & Namaste
Laurie Moritz

Just thought I would share my excitement on this. I had this really cool healing session performed by Terre McCue, one of the master teachers on at AEMI. It was an experience unlike anything I had ever had. I was on such a "high" after it! Basically the idea is, you actually speak from your Soul! You come up with questions before the session about yourself or your life or lives that you have always wanted to know or want to know now. Then, while in a trance, like a meditative state but a little deeper, you actually speak the answers from your soul. To equate it to what we learn on this site, it's kind of like speaking from your higher self except there is no interference from your brain. The questions were asked to my soul by Terre, while I was "under." I was answering things in a way that I wouldn't normally speak. I even had a slightly different voice! I found out one of my addictions came from another life. Just knowing the story behind it may have actually cured me of the addiction! I asked about a job that I might be offered and whether or not I should take it or whether something better would come up. I was told the ideal work was out there for me and this wasn't it! I take the job but had to keep looking. It may sound basic but I didn't think of that with my brain. The most important thing I learned from this session was that I had never learned how to focus on what I am doing at a given moment. My mind wanders. This was based on something from my childhood that after years of self exploration and therapy that I never figured out. I learned what I need to do about it which is to spend quality time in each situation I am in and with each person I am with. I tend to look at my phone a lot when I am talking to people or just not be present in the moment, always thinking about what I have to do next. I have been totally changing that and enjoying lif!. Oh, I didn't mention that while I was in this "trance" my whole body was magnetized! It felt like there was electricity blanketing my whole body and protecting me. I even felt like my body was not touching the surface at times. You can also ask to be cleared instantly of a physical illness. I mentioned 3 things. My skin disorder has not reappeared so far! My asthma, I was told would take a few days if I meditate for a short time each day. And the shoulder pain I was told would be cleared and it actually brought me to a point that I am doing amazing things on my own to heal it and help my whole body! Most importantly, I was actually speaking from from my soul for the rest of that day with a peace and wisdom that and I can bring back any time I want. I can't wait for another session, although this was enough to keep me going for a long long time.

~Carolyn Burton