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About the Session

Good Morning, This is God. I won't need your help so have a miraculous day.

The word "hypnosis" has inherited many connotations over the years - I don't like to describe this work as such. A large part of having a successful QHHT session is letting go of preconceived expectations of how we *think* it's going to work. No two sessions are ever alike. During our talk before your session (the Pre-Talk), we will go over expectations and anything else you wish to talk about until you are completely comfortable.

Dolores Cannon often said that only one session is needed. While this is usually true, it is very important that we manage expectations.
We are all carrying trauma with us - from this life and others. Our experiences shape who we are.
Everyone is different - some clients might need 2, 3 or 4 sessions to break through the built up years of fear and trauma to get to a place where they can even begin to move towards closure and healing.
What is PERFECT for that client is what is going to happen. Both the client and the practitioner need to go into the session in a state of allowance - with NO preconceived ideas about what SHOULD happen - because there is no possible way to predict how it will go, and doing otherwise actually blocks what NEEDS to come through.

Dolores Cannon talks about expectations:

Session Information:

You are hypnotised many times throughout the day - most especially when watching tv or daydreaming.
When you watch tv, you become involved in the show, and at some point all else is tuned out and you are fully involved in what you are watching.
This form of hypnotism is much the same - in fact, it's very similar to a guided meditation.
I guide you through visualizations, and since I'm talking the whole time, you tune out all else and focus only on what I am saying.
So it's like a daydream but I am guiding what you are seeing.

The first step is the Pre-Talk. We will talk about your life and concerns, and we go over your questions. If any new questions come up during our talk, I will write them down.
Next, we talk about hypnosis and the different things that could happen during your session. This is invaluable, and gives you the tools you need.

During the hypnosis session, we go through some visualization, and then I tell you to go to the "most appropriate place".
Your Soul knows what it's doing and knows exactly what to show you that will make everything in your life and past make complete sense.
Right now as you are reading this, I am making a pact with your Soul that I will allow it to guide the session and do what is best for you.
I am there to make sure you are speaking what you are experiencing so we can record it, and to make sure the right questions are asked so the best information comes through.

The "most appropriate place" is usually a past life, though it can quite often be a scene from this life.
After we explore this, we talk to the Soul.
We ask your questions, and we ask for healing.

The hypnosis session itself usually takes around 2 hours, but to you it will feel like much less time has passed.

You will be meeting your practitioner in person. Absolutely no sessions over phone or Skype - this would be extremely irresponsible and unsafe.

Sessions are absolutely confidential. Your practitioner may not talk about your session with anyone without your written permission. You may discuss your session with anyone you like, of course.