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Session Preparation

Omniscient Eye of God

Important things to do in the days leading up to the session

Your List of Questions:

You should think deeply about what you want to ask the Soul. Remember, you can ask it absolutely anything!
Keep a notebook with you at all times in the days leading up to your session. Questions will come up at unexpected times and you won't remember them if you don't write them down!
Or if you have a smartphone, you can keep the list in your phone in a note-taking app, or in a draft email.

Write down any and every question that comes to mind that you want an answer for, along with any injuries or illness (present or past) - even ones that don't seem "important". Sometimes those are the most important of all.

And just so you know, I keep your page of questions for my files.

Some example questions:

Why am I here on Earth at this time?
What is my purpose?
What career should I have?
Why do I have issues with anger?
Why did I get in that car accident?
Why did I have that illness?
Why have ___ and I never gotten along?
Why did I lose time that day?
What was that weird thing I saw/that happened?
What is the reason for my unexplainable phobia? (like water, etc)

If you order your questions as follows, it will save us a lot of time the day of your session:
1. Metaphysical, spiritual and philosophical questions: life purpose, mission, contracts, etc...
2. Relational questions: partners, friends, children, family, etc...
3. Professional questions: career, work, change profession, boss, etc...
4. Health problems...

Listen to these with headphones daily before your session:

Solfeggio Singing Bowls:

     Heart Chakra Release 639hz               Throat Chakra 741hz                       Third Eye Activation 852hz                Crown Activation 963hz

Planning for the day OF the session

From beginning to end, appointments take at least 4 hours, but often take 5 or 6 hours.
This includes our talks before and after the session itself.
This time is for YOU, so the session will unfold at its own natural pace.

It is best to have someone drive you to and from the session, as driving afterward is not recommended.
Absolutely no one may be present during your session - NO exceptions.
Sessions are confidential, and another person being present during the session always ensures hesitance and that we are not getting the very best information.
If you have someone driving you to your session, plan ahead for them to have something to do for 6 hours to be safe.

Do NOT wear makeup! A lot of emotion is often released, so there may be crying involved.

Eat a light breakfast. Over-eating diverts too much of the body's energy towards digestion and hampers the session.
Go easy on caffeine. As a stimulant, caffeine interferes with the ability to go deep enough in your session.
After the session we'll eat a snack to help you ground and to come back to full alertness.

Session Itinerary:
  1. Interview (We discuss your life: childhood, parents, siblings, relationships, illness, injuries)
  2. Pre-Talk (We discuss the different ways your session can unfold)
  3. Hypnosis Session
  4. Post-Talk (We discuss what we learned during your session, and reinforce any messages you have been given by the Soul)

Planning for the days AFTER the session

Once in a while a client might be "under the weather" for 2-3 days after the session. This is because a LOT of healing and detoxing is being done - especially in cases of extreme illness.

You should not plan any important meetings or demanding physical activities for a couple of days after the session.
You should listen to your recording at least once after your session. In the case of extreme healing or detox, you should listen to it several times in order to keep the healing flowing and in the present.

**Be sure to also read the Session page for more information!**

Extra Videos and Meditations to Help You Prepare

Suzanne Spooner: Guided Meditation from TAUK; 6min

Solara An-Ra: Chakra Meditation; 22min

Guided Meditation: The Sanctuary; 30min

Abraham Hicks: How to Meditate; 4min

Dolores Cannon: Heal your Past to Live to Your Fullest Potential; 38min