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Francesca's life mission and reason for incarnating on the Earth at this time is to be a healer. She has a unique ability to be able to stand in the bigger picture to see the relationship between both sides of an issue - this gives her profound insight into the innerworkings of the human mind and condition, and to the solutions. She is a natural counselor and confidant, and truly cares about getting you exactly what you need from your session.

Terre McCue: Red Bank, NJ

Terre's background brings to each Session an understanding of human behavior as a result of her Bachelors in Psychology, 18 years of energy healing through intuition and course-work, peaceful insights and intuition through scientific meditation, and advanced experiential knowledge of metaphysics through her energy mastery teaching. All of this contributes to preparing Terre for, and complementing, her work as a QHHT Practitioner.

Jane McCarthy: Antwerp, Belgium

Jane works in CYRES (Create Your Reality Experience Self) Center in Antwerp, as a Personal Success Coach. The multi-system work includes: QHHT Sessions; Avatar Awakening Energy Lessons; Self-Realization principles and techniques, such as deep practice of meditation; sounds and sacred geometry. Jane also has Clients that she coaches through their awakening process via Skype. "Being a support to your inner peace, your inner wisdom, your loving kindness, and your freedom, is my heart's desire. Serving to support your journey into what matters: your own heart's desire." ~Jane

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